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This documentation will help developers using the Open Bee Application Programming Interface (API).

Open Bee API web services are provided to enable third party software applications to interface with our DMS (Document Management System) solution.


API overview

Open Bee API allows you to access Open Bee DMS from your own applications.

With our RESTful API you can for example manipulate folders, documents, comments, filing categories, tasks and so on.

Our API is accessible through the following HTTP methods:

  • POST: Create objects
  • GET: Get information from objects
  • PUT: Edit objects
  • DELETE: Delete objects

Two versions of our API are available: REST V2 and REST V3.

Some endpoints from the category REST V2 are DEPRECATED. It's no longer recommended to use endpoints with this information.


Some use cases, samples through PostMan collections (REST V2 & REST V3) and documentation are available.

Need some help?

If you need some help using our API, an expert can answer to your questions, give you some samples and help you to choose the right API depending on what you need to do.

You can contact your sales representative to have more information on this service. 


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