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1/ Deactivate the Windows firewall  

2/ Install Java 8 64bits. (info) We recommend OpenJDK implementation from RedHat : 

(warning) If you choose to use the Oracle JDK, installing JCE 1.8 (Java Cryptography Extension) is mandatory 

3/ Run the installer as administrator

4/  Recommended but optional, since version 6.9, install GhostScript (see below)

5/ You can check if the installation is ok from the Web interface

GhostScript installation

The processing of large files by the Tesseract version of Open Bee™ Scan OCS can cause malfunctions due to excessive RAM usage.

Since version 6.9.0, it is possible to solve these problems by using GhostScript as a PDF pre-processing tool.  We therefore strongly recommend its installation. 

  • Download the current version of GhostScript for Windows (AGPLv3 license) 
  • Open the configuration file "conf/ocs.conf" in the Open Bee™ Scan OCS installation folder. 
  • Set the GhostScript installation path in the parameter "tools.ghostscript.win32". 
  • Uncomment the parameters tools.ghostscript.win32, tools.ghostscript.pngDpi and tools.ghostscript.scaleFactor by removing the "#" sign. 
  • Relaunch the Open Bee™ Scan OCS service


1/ Uninstall the previous version of Open Bee™ Scan OCS from the menu Start. 

2/ Install the new version

Problem "error in put document in database : Illegal key size or default parameters"

This problem occurs when the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) is not properly installed. 

Source of the problem:

In an automatic java update, the files "lib\security\US_export_policy.jar" and "lib\security\local_policy.jar" are not updated. 


  • Download the latest version of the JCE
  • Replace the Jar "local_policy.jar" and "US_export_policy.jar" by the new downloaded Jar
  • Restart OCS


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