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These prerequisites are applicable when installing Open Bee™ Scan OCS on a dedicated server and therefore independent ofOpen Bee™ Portal.

In the case of an installation on the same server, refer to the Open Bee™ Portal prerequisite.

    • Recommended Intel® I5 processor (or higher) 3 cores minimum. 
    • The port 8080 available
    • Minimum 3GB of RAM
    • 50 GB of available disk space If you are processing paper documents with a large number of pages, up to several hundred GB may be required. For a 100-page document, approximately 10 GB will be consumed temporarily during processing.  
    • No firewall should interfere with Open Bee™ Scan OCS
    • Microsoft® Windows® 20012R2 or 2016 Server 64-bit or  2019 Server 64-bit
    • Java 8 64-bits
    • Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) 8  (Windows only)
    • The server must allow access to the Internet for time stamping of electronic signatures.

To sign documents, the Open Bee timestamp server must be accessible from the server. It is hosted at .

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