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This document provides guidance to developers using the Open Bee application programming interface (API).

Open Bee API Web services are provided to enable third party software application to interface with our range of DMS (Document Management System) solutions.

Open Bee offers two versions of Webservices interfaces:

  • Version 1 is the historical REST API. This version is no more under maintenance.

  • Version 2 is also a REST API, but with better appliance over the REST standard. Especially it does more usage of the HTTP protocol. It also returns either JSON or XML when version 1 only speaks XML. This version is still under development. It doesn't mean this version is a beta version , Just some of the methods described in this document are not yet implemented but implemented methods  are safe for production use.


We recommend using the Version 2 interface for your implementations since this version will be the one to maintain on the long run.

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