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Open Bee™ Sync is a software that lets you synchronize and file your documents between your computer and your Open Bee™ DMS Server. Thanks to automatic or manual synchronizations, your documents will be saved remotely in order to optimize your work. This way, you can edit them in the train, in the plane, at the office or at the hotel.
Moreover, they will be immediately updated on all of your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). With Open Bee™ Sync, you can also connect your scanning solution to your Open Bee™ DMS server and file your scanned paper documents.

Download last release

Release 6.4.0 (26th July 2019)


With Open Bee™ Sync, you can:

 - Directly upload scanned paper documents from your scanning device.
Open Bee™ Sync monitors a specific folder where the scanning device will send scanned paper documents. Each time a new file appears, this one is automatically sent to the Open Bee™ DMS "Filing" section, ready to be indexed and filed.

 - Synchronize documents between your Windows workstation and the Open Bee™ DMS.
Open Bee™ Sync enables to synchronise documents so that you get the most recent version of the file you want to work on.

 - Bulk upload documents
The "drag-and-drop" function in Open Bee™ Sync lets you upload one or more documents (and folders) with a simple drag and drop from your PC into the Open Bee™ DMS

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