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Open Bee™ eMail Capture is a software that allows you to retrieve and archive/file your emails and its attachments automatically in your online workspace Open Bee™ Portal. Thanks to periodic synchronizations, your emails will be saved/archived according to predefined rules specific to your organization. Open Bee™ eMail Capture also allows you to make a copy to a Windows folder.

Open Bee™ eMail Capture is a service running in the background and enabling any collaborator to:

- Automatically file emails and attachments to your Open Bee™ Portal :

Once your e-mail account has been saved, your filters and filing rules set, the software will periodically connect to your email account and file/archive all emails that meet your criteria to the location you chose without requiring any user action.

- Automatically file emails and attachments to a Windows directory

In a similar way to the filing into Open Bee™ Portal,it is possible to file into a Windows folder.

- Manage processing history

Although Open Bee™ eMail Capture is meant to be completely automatic and works without manual action by the user, it is possible to consult the history of processings carried out on the user's email account  and to file the emails on which some information is missing.




Download the latest version

Version 6.0.0-729 - 11th July 2019


Please consult the Hardware and software requirements chapter before starting the installation.

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