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Open Bee Portal 6.5.2



License for strong authentication

Changing the licensing system to enable strong authentication on only part of the users.


Optimizing updates

  • Optimization of the longest update SQL scripts to reduce the execution time.
  • Errors in some update SQL scripts version 5 have been corrected.
  • Certain update scripts were executed unnecessarily.



New icon for certain types of documents

Icons have been added to the WPS files, Visio and Access.


Dashboard: limiting the number of recent items

For readability, limiting the number of recent items displayed on the Dashboard has increased from 20 to 10.


MS Office document editing and long tree structure

Open Bee™ Portal used to add parameters in the URL to access a document to enable automatic authentication by MS Office. These parameters have the effect of lengthening the path to the document (about 80 additional characters). MS Office is limited to paths of 218 characters, some documents were not edited.

The path has been modified to have a fixed size, less than 218 characters, and allow document editing Office regardless their location in the Open Bee™ Portal virtual tree.


Areas size document viewing

Expanding document viewing areas to use the full height and width available on large screens.


PDF browser viewer

Added the ability to use the PDF browser reader instead of that of Open Bee™ Portal.

(warning) This option renders inoperative certain permissions on the documents. See the article of our knowledge base on this subject: Comment utiliser le lecteur de PDF du navigateur


Nested lists

(avertissement) This feature is not yet available for the classifications from Open Bee™ Mobile and Open Bee™ Doc Office Manager.


It is now possible to create sub lists. A sub list is attached to a value of a parent list.

Example : the sub-list "Countries of Europe" can be linked to the value "Europe" of a list "Continent".

When defining metadata of a classification rule, it is possible to select a new type "sub-list" and link the metadata to a parent metadata.

In the example above, the metadata "Country" will be a "sub-list" type and linked to the parent metadata "Continent". The metadata "Continent" will be a "List" type and attached to a list "Continent".

Bug fixes

PDF language viewer

PDF menus viewer were still in English. They are now in the language of the application.


Optimization of navigation in the transactions

With large amounts of data, navigation in the transactions was slow.


Metadatas displayed in the link screen

In binding suggestions, document metadata to link were displayed instead of those of the proposed document.


Creating an ESC for a user who does not have the permission to view it

It was possible to appoint as manager of an ESC, a user who did not have the permissions to view the ESC parent folders. This case involves the creation of an ESC which was not accessible by its manager in the folder tree.


Metadata display order in the headers table of Workflow tasks

When changing the display order of the metadata in the administration, the display order of the metadata in the header of the list of tasks for a workflow were incorrect.


Long document names in the list of tasks in a Workflow

For display purposes, the names of documents more than 80 characters are truncated in the display of the list of tasks in a Workflow. A tooltip with the full name of the document was added to allow the display of the full name.


Displaying the list of users in alphabetical order during the validation of a Workflow task

During validation of a task requiring the selection of a user to the next step, the user list is not sorted alphabetically.


ZIP utilities path during an installation outside C:

During a Windows installation on a drive other than "C:" the path of the ZIP utility was not correct in the configuration.


Modification date display format

In the viewing screen of a document, the modification date of the document displayed in the bottom right of the page was not formatted correctly.


Workflow supervisor permissions

The supervisor of a workflow could also oversee other Workflow documents.


SSO and validation link of a task in a workflow

When the Active Directory SSO is enabled, the validation of a task link contained in an email notification does not automatically logs on the user.


Inactive user and email notification

An inactive user continues to receive email notifications.



Research on the creator of a document with multiple versions

The search term "Creator" was applied to the last person who modified the document, instead of the document creator


Folder completion

  • Adding a document from the classification zone does not update folder completion status in which the document was classified.
  • Deleting a version of a document does not update the folder completion status.
  • When editing completion criteria in the administration, they were not properly reloaded into the form.
  • The administration of the folder completion was not functional in IE 11


Installation of AMQP services

Fixes have been made on installing the AMQP services in Debian and Windows. Especially :

  • Addition of interdependencies with RabbitMQ service to ensure the correct services start after reboot.
  • Addition of Scheduled Tasks monitoring to automatically restart services if they are arrested or in an unstable state.


More information on Open Bee™ Portal services are available in this article: services et tâches planifiées utilisés par Open Bee Portal


Research and external users

An external user could search the metadata "creator" of a document and therefore consult the list of all users.


Not indexed content

The content of a PDF document / picture or image was not properly indexed for search, under the following conditions:

  • Adding from the filing interface,
  • conversion in PDF/Text via Open Bee™ Scan OCS before the document is filed.


API : Document: incorrect version number

GET /document/{idDocument}.

  • The current version was not returned to the "versions" node
  • Returned version numbers were incorrect

API : Research and pagination

GET /search

This method does not have paging in the returned results, resulting in significant delays when the response contained tens of thousands of documents.


API : Synchronisation et pagination

GET /folder/{idFolder}/files/modified

This method, used by Open Bee™ Sync  contains no pagination. Hence significant slowness from one hundred thousand documents to synchronize.


API : Related Documents in the tasks list of a Workflow

GET /wf/task/{idTask}

Addition of documents related to the return of this method.




Open Bee Portal 6.5.1

New features

Viewing, printing and downloading permissions

Reading permission was divided into three:

  • Viewing
  • Printing
  • Downloading

In this context, an action "Print" has been added to the menu on the documents.



Addition of the possibility, via the permission system, to systematically apply a watermark on viewed, printed and downloaded documents by some groups / users.

The watermark contains the date and the name of the user connected. It is applied to the PDF and MS Office documents.


Strong authentication

Ability to add a second authentication test by SMS or email plus the login and password.


Research on Metadatas

The operator "contains" is now available (in addition to "equal" and "between" for dates) in the advanced search criteria on Metadatas.




Confirmation popup when deleting notifications

Addition of a systematic confirmation window before deleting notifications.


Confirmation popup during a workflow task purge

Addition of a confirmation window before purging a workflow tasks by a supervisor.


Closing a popup when clicking outside the pop-up

Clicking outside a pop-up had the effect of closing this pop-up.


Folder sharing

The quick access "Share a document" available on all screens of the application now allows you to share a folder.


Stamps application and sigature with PDF/A

The version of the documents created after the stamps application and signatures was not in PDF / A format.


Grouping notification mails models

The notification mails models were combined into one model.



Bug fixes 

Stamps application and signature on PDF image documents

The stamps and signatures application on PDF image documents were not working.


Filing a document without the "folder editing" permission

A user who has permission to add a document but not edit a folder, could not add document from the filing interface.


Handwritten signature on multipage documents

Applying a signature from a mobile device to a multi-page document was not positioned at the desired location on the mobile.


Special characters in the names of documents filed from the filing interface

It was possible to create documents with normally unsupported characters : /\|:*


Impossible to change the notifications frequency

When users edit their profile, an error message appears.


Layout in the documents link screen

Correction of the layout of the documents link screen table that exceeded out of the window.


Converting PDF Text impossible on locked documents

When a document image is locked by a user before it is converted into PDF Text, the conversion failed.


Direct output condition of a Workflow

When a Workflow input condition allowed the exit of a document workflow, bypassing any task, the status of this document remained pending.


Deleting a folder from a Secured Conservation Space (SCS)

Deleting the root folder of a SCS by its manager did not remove the SCS of the administration interface.


Activation and system time

The product activation when Windows is configured to display the 12-hour (AM / PM format) was not functional.


Debian : PHP session file

A conflict between various Debian packages installed prevented the removal of PHP session files with consequences for increased disk space and strong slow during the update.


API Web Services

  • During a call to the POST/document/types the "creation_date" field response was invalid.
  • A call to the GET/wf/tasks that attempts to return a document name containing the word "null" results in an error.

  • Addition of a "path" parameter in the documents and records responses description.
  • Adding the document size in the response header of the method GET /queue/:id/file
  • The defined metadata order in the administration was not correctly applied in the Web Services returns.
  • The "page" parameter of the method POST /document/{idDocument}/mergeimage now supports a page number in addition to the constant FIRST, LAST and ALL.
  • The method POST /document/list/{idList} did not allow the creation of a list that has more than 999 items.





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