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Open Bee Portal 6.4.1

New features

LDAP (Active Directory) multi-domains

It is now possible to import users and groups from different LDAP servers. A new administration section also allows editing the different LDAP servers' settings.


Limiting the number of document versions

It is now possible to set a maximum number of versions for documents. This setting is global to the solution, it is set by an administrator. The older versions will be automatically removed.


Removing versions exiting from a workflow

A new workflow setting allows you to delete all document versions exiting of a workflow and to keep only the final version.




Creating folder from the folder selection window

It is now possible to create a folder if it does not exist from the folder selection window. This improvement is amongst other available when creating an extranet or a workflow as well as any other folder selection screen


Moving a document following a change in its metadata

When changing metadata of a document filed with an automatic filing category, it was not moved and renamed according to new metadata values. This is now possible via the configuration in the filing categories.


Search filter on the SelectBox

All of the application SelectBox now has a search filter. This allows for example to easily find the desired value for a "list" type metadata with a significant items number.


Production date in the workflow's tasks list

The task production date ( only available if the task was processed) was added in the workflow tasks table.


Clearing a Secured Conservation Space

During the SCS clearing , it is now possible to choose the network location accessible from the server, in which the documents will be filed.


Removing a filing category list

A button allowing to remove a list was added in the filing caregories administration interface.



Bug fixes 

  • A link was added on the notification tile to allow refocusing the dashboard screen on the notifications.
  • The reminders tile link was changed to display all reminders and avoid having an empty list when displayed.


"Error 500" on the Dashboard during the removing of filing categories or recent documents

This occurred in the following cases:

  • when deleting a document or folder present in the logged in user's recent documents or files
  • when deleting a filing category used in the logged in user recent searches


Mixing between sharing a document and file

When selecting a folder from the button "Share a document" available at the top of all screens, only the first document in the file was shared. Selecting a file is now no longer available from this screen, which is reserved for document sharing.


Transaction when checking a document integrity

The document integrity check was not recorded in the transactions.


Extranet permissions with multiple users

When adding a second external user in an extranet, the first user was assigned permissions management rights on the folder.


Search box and emails links color

When changing the application color from the administration, the search box and links in the sent emails outline was not changed.





Open Bee Portal 6.4.0


New features

Interface customization

In addition to the login page image, the following items are now customizable:

  • The product name (Open Bee™ Portal)
  • The logo Open Bee™
  • The main theme color: yellow used for links, borders and buttons can be replaced by another color
  • A promotional banner displayed at the top can also be saved for the external users

Emails customization

The content of all delivered emails by Open Bee™ Portal is now customizable.


Extranet : multiple users

It is now possible to connect multiple users to a single folder extranet:

  • Whether from an existing user
  • Or by creating a new user

Arab translation

The Open Bee™ Portal user interface has been translated in arab. a été traduite en Arabe. The screen display is done from right to left in this language.

Playing video documents

The video documents in "mp4", "webm" and "ogg" formats can now be played directly in Open Bee™ Portal.



Extranet and notification

When creating an extranet user, this one is now automatically subscribed to the extranet file and automatically receive notifications when adding a document.


Renaming the "Secure Zone" to "My Documents"

For reasons of clarity and understanding, the users personal file, called "Secure Zone" in previous versions has been renamed to "My Documents".


User interface

  • Increasing the size of all texts and logo
  • Changing the color yellow to make it more readable
  • Re-adjusting the binding screen where the search table results exceeded the window
  • Adding green and red on the status icons on the documents located or passed into a workflow


Sending passwords by email

  • For safety reasons, no further user password is emailed. Only temporary links allowing to define a new password are transmitted by email when creating the account or resetting the password.
  • Passwords providing access to shared documents are sent in a separate email containing the link to the document.


OCR processing by Open Bee™ Scan OCSduring a large data import

During an important documents import (hundreds at a time) OCR processing performed by Open Bee™ Scan OCScould be achieved multiple times:

  • once when adding document
  • a second time by a background task which processes pending documents


Renaming "Containers" to "Secured Conservation Spaces"

The "Containers" were renamed as "Secured Conservation Spaces" 

Specific functions to the NF Z42-020 norm and the CNTF - CFE label, such as emptying, restitution, inventory and destruction are limited to the files "Secured Conservation Spaces"


Transactions improvements

  • In order to enhance the integrity, transactions elements are now timestamped by lot. The time of the timestamp is performed by the server hosting Open Bee™ Portal and can be doubled by an external time source (Time Stamping Authority
  • The footprints of documents supplied during the deposit by the user and calculated byOpen Bee™ Portal during the deposit are now saved in the transactions for all of the documents operations.



Bug fixes

PDF Document Preview

The PDF viewer (PDF.JS) used in Open Bee™ Portal has been updated from version 1.0 to version 1.1, which has solved the display problem of some documents of which some parts was "blurred" when previewing.


Auto-incremented filing categories and metadatas

Auto-incrementing metadata were not properly replaced when used in a fling category.


Space in the user ID

It was possible to use spaces in the user ID. This made it impossible for the mobile application authentication. Spaces are now no longer allowed.


Web Services and document size limit

In the Web Services version 1, when adding a document exceeding the maximum allowed size, an HTTP 500 error was returned instead of an HTTP 200 code containing an error in the XML return.


Default notification frequency

  • The frequency of users notification by email was set to "Never" by default. It was re-established to "Immediately".
  • In the user profile, the "Email Notification" check box has become useless, it was deleted.



Permissions inheritance in an extranet

When creating an extranet user, this one could only access the extranet root folder. Manual operation from the administrator was required to give him access to other files in the extranet.

Documents of the same name in the search ZIP export

When Zip exporting a search result containing two documents of the same name, one document was exported.


File purging monitored by a workflow in the recycle bin

Once removed from the Recycle Bin a folder monitored by a workflow could not be purged or restored.


Users phone number format

It was impossible to enter a phone number in international format (+ 33xxxxxxxx) in the user profile.


Incorrect integrity check when adding a stamp on a document in a workflow

Following the addition of a stamp on a document in a workflow, the integrity check function was applied to the document old version and not the new version generated when adding the stamp.


MS Office documents editing located in "My Documents" (previously "Secure Zone")

The MS Office online editing function documents contained in the "Secure Zone" is not functional in version 6.3.


Active Directory and SSO password changement

Following the password change of the account used to import users from Active Directory, the SSO connection of all users no longer worked.


Import of more than 1000 users from an Active Directory

The pagination of an Active Directory server is not supported. An Active Directory limiting by default to 1000 users the users list displayed on a page, it was impossible to import more than 1000 users in Open Bee™ Portal.

See this article for more information: Impossible d'importer plus de 1 000 utilisateurs depuis un Active Directory


LDAP authentication (Active Directory) with email

The use of the user email as identifier during authentication was not functional. Only the LDAP identifier was functional.


Multiple workflow on the same filing category with different metadatas

It was impossible to create multiple Workflow triggered on the same filing categories but with different metadata.


Document processing in a workflow being edited

It was possible to process documents in a workflow while it was being edited.


Sharing URL

The URL used in documents and files sharing emails was not the one defined in the configuration (Administration> General Setup).


Error during adding a document whose text content is greater than 60 MB

Adding a document was impossible when Open Bee™ Scan OCS is not activated and the document text content (stored to allow searching) is greater than 60 MB.


Error when adding a secured PDF

Protected PDF by a password couldn't be added in Open Bee™ Portal since the version 6.3.0. This problem has been solved. in version 6.4.0.






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