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Open Bee Portal 6.3.1

Secured Conservation Spaces

The version 6.3.0 of Open Bee™ Portal complies with:


This compliance has involved changes including:

  • introduction of "Containers" (see the version 6.2.1 release note)
  • the addition of the following actions on the document and / or folder: destruction, restitution, integrity check (see the version 6.2.1 release note)
  • improving the actions transaction mechanism (see the version 6.2.1 release note)
  • the access to administration permissions' segmentation (see the role function introduced in the version 6.2.1)
  • a folder clearing function
  • the "Digital Safe" objects inventory function

Certification by accredited organisations are ongoing.


Metadatas order

It is now possible to define the display order of a filing category metadatas.


User selection

The groups and users selection graphical component and user groups has been improved (fluidity, display, ...).


Scheduled tasks

Open Bee™ Portal now uses the protocol AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) for the background processing management.

This change has allowed reducing the number of scheduled tasks (cron) required to run the application and especially reducing the number of treatments carried out in these tasks.

The main visible impact for the user is the immediacy of certain treatments when the AMQP queue message is empty, for example:

  • Sending an email
  • A document processing by Open Bee™ Scan OCS


Graphical improvement

Icons have been added to the metadata input fields in order to illustrate the type: text, decimal, date...


Open Bee™ Scan OCS proccess monitoring

The administration interface of monitoring treatments made by Open Bee™ Scan OCS has been improved:

  • Beginning of the processing date addition
  • Filter on processings states
  • Wording modification


Windows uninstallation

Uninstalling the Windows solution, suppressed all documents and the database. This behavior considered dangerous, since it leads to the total loss of the documents, was changed.


Online Editing and encrypted document

An Office document online edition was not possible when the document encryption option is enabled.


Typographical correction

Spaces were missing from the document's sharing subject email.


ZIP import and export

The import and export Zip does not support UTF-8, which implies that the documents in languages with non-compatible ANSI or ISO encodings are not supported. This is the case of Asian languages or special characters such as "™" for Trademark.

This problem has been only corrected for import on Windows installations. The problem is still relevant for export on all platforms and imports on Cloud.


Error when loading a shared folder

The shared folder ZIP exporting from the folder viewing public interface was no longer functional


Mistake when processing a document without permission in a Workflow

The following use cases caused an error 500:

  • the logged in user is a workflow supervisor but does not have reading permission on a workflow document
  • the logged in user must process a document in a workflow but does not have the reading permission of the filing category triggering the workflow


Browsing and search pagination

Browsing in the search was only available on the first page


Loss of settings during an update

The following parameters were crushed during an update:

  • Open Bee™ Scan OCS URL (on premise)
  • Time zone


Workflow and permission

A workflow supervisor not having the required permissions to read the document associated with a task or a filing category associated with the workflow, encountered an error 500 on the "Dashboard" and "Workflow" tabs.


Correction on the transactions administration interface

  • The filters on transactions disappeared during the access to the second page
  • The document extension was displayed instead of the document name in the deletion actions
  • "lock" and "unlock" actions on a document were not added in the transactions.

CSV export containing metadata containing commas

When a metadata name or value contains a comma, the CSV file returned when exporting contained unexpected additional columns









Open Bee Portal 6.3.2

Filing categories and special characters

Filing categories based on metadata containing non-ANSI characters did not work.


Document preview after applying a stamp

It was impossible to preview a document on which a stamp was applied. The problem origin is the document size stored in the database, which was not recalculated after applying the stamp.


Searching in the connection screen

The search criteria were not included in the connection screen.

Authorization of "User" role by default

The "User" role did not have the required permissions to:

  • access and process the workflow tasks
  • view a workflow diagram to which the user is the participant
  • be a participant pf w workflow
  • file documents from a mobile device or Open Bee™ Scan


Double signature from mobile applications

A signature applied to a document from the mobile application was applied twice on the document


Signature on a document with different format than A4

The signatures on documents other than size A4 were badly positioned and resulted in the creation of an additional blank page in documents of A5 size and smaller sizes


Connection in a workflow

A connection applied during a workflow was no longer visible in the "Documents" interface. This problem affected only the display, not the connection itself which was well applied.





Open Bee Portal 6.3.3

Removing addiction to JAVA for editing MS Office documents online

It is no longer necessary to install Java in the web browser to edit an MS Office document contained into Open Bee Portal


Filing error with "date" type metadata of which the display order has been changed

A document filing of a document was impossible if the grading rule used had the following characteristics:

  • a "date" type metadata, used in the dynamic filing
  • the metadata order was manually changed in the administration


Zip export of search results containing identical document names

In the case where a search returns multiple documents with the same name, only one was exported in the Zip

Scheduled Tasks and Windows 8.1

Scheduled tasks necessary for the functioning of the product were not created properly by the installer on Windows 8.1 64bit






Open Bee Portal 6.3.4

Unicode for Zip export and import

Zip export and import did not properly handle non-ANSI characters. These two functions are now 100% Unicode and support therefore the non-Western scripts


Adding document by WebDav

Since version 6.3.2 the addition of document by WebDav in the filing zone was inoperative.

Mail sent on Windows after an update

On Windows, since version 6.3.0,the sent mails got stuck in a buffer zone and therefore were never transmitted to their recipients


Authentication via Web Services

Unlike the web application, the authentication via web Services was case sensitive. It was not possible to authenticate by the mobile application or other Open Bee software if the login box was not respected.


Treeview and tabulation

The error " Load error (Unexpected token)" was displayed by the treeview when a folder contains tabulations in its name


In double document validation in a Workflow

It was possible, under certain conditions, to validate twice a document by double-clicking on the validation button of a workflow task


Role and Workflows

The introduction of user roles in version 6.2 has resulted to prevent access for administrators to workflows monitoring functions. This behavior was reviewed to provide access to monitoring functions to anyone who has the permission "Managing Workflows" in the role associated with him.


Container and permission

When changing the container permissions on level 2 subfolders, the accesses were automatically assigned to the "Administrator" group instead of the container manager.


Container and Extranet

It was not possible to set up an Intranet within a container








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