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New features

Editing Office documents online

It is now possible to edit a document located in Open Bee™ Portal directly from Microsoft Office. Any changes on the document saved in Microsoft Office is thus saved online as a new version.



Digital signature

Possibility of applying digital signatures type "Company stamp" on the documents. Signatures can be applied:

  • manually by an action on the documents from the web interface
  • automatically from the rules established by an administrator


This feature requires the Open Bee™ Scan OCS component in version 6.2 ou superior.



By default the "Administrators" system group members have access to all Open Bee™ Portal documents. This functioning does not offer the option of keeping confidential documents regarding the solution's administrators

The new concept of "Container" can transform a folder and all its subfolders in a private space where "absolute" permissions granted by default to the "Administrators" group are granted to another user or group.


Document preview: Autocad and Photoshop

Ability to preview documents in a web browser

  • AutoCad DXF format. The DWG format can be supported by the purchase of additional software (please contact us).
  • Photoshop: EPS and PSD formats.


This feature requires the Open Bee™ Scan OCS component in version 6.2 ou superior.

Users roles

In previous versions the access to the administration was reserved for the "Administrator" type of users.

This version introduces the "User Role" concept. A "Role" allows to define with greater finesse to any section of the application a user has access.

The previous versions users types have been transformed into "Roles" by default. It is possible to modify or create new ones.

Thereby it is now possible:

  • to provide access to one or more sections of the administration to non-administrator users,
  • to give or not an access to the dashboard to external users
  • ...


Improvements and bug fixes 

Document Integrity

This function is available on the documents used to verify that a document has not been modified since it was archived.

It is also possible to provide the document footprint during its addition. If the provided fingerprint does not match that one calculated during the addition, it is denied.


History (transactions)

The application transactions were:

  • extended to all operations including the administration,
  • improved to log failed operations
  • modified to be based on the UTC time against the local time of the server in previous versions.

Moreover, a global administration interface allows you to view all actions carried out in the system.



Checkbox for filing categories activation

In case of changing a filing category, the check box that activates the category was systematically unchecked


Simple search on decimal values

A simple search on a value containing a point (eg "125.1") did not work on the metadata values.

"Metadatas XML Export" menu

This menu exclusively dedicated to the integration with eFact Hub has become obsolete. It has been deactivated by default. It is possible to re-activate it upon request from our support.


Permissions Management Interface

The permissions editing interface has been modified to provide better readability.





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