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New Features


 NEW Administration : Security Management Module

Allows the administrator a better control over password management policy, activation and use of the dual authentication factor, user session lifespan, management of devices associated with his account, and document encryption activation. This new module is integrated in the Administration section.


  Configure the length, typology, renewal of user passwords.

  Enhance the security of your Open Bee account by adding a second validation step when you log in. In addition to your password, you will need to provide a code generated by the Google Authenticator application on your iOS or Android device


 Manage the encryption options for documents stored in your Open Bee solution.

NEW Simplification of the connection with the mobile application 

Allows the user to directly connect to his mobile Open Bee application by scanning the QR Code on his profile. Feature available in My Profile.

  • The user scans the code from the Open Bee Portal screen
  • The system returns the information contained in the QR code
  • The connection parameters in the Open Bee mobile application are automatically filled in

    The QR code contains the user login, the URL of the Open Bee Portal server and the connection port

NEW Hiding documents or files 

The user can decide to hide folders and their contents via the advanced options so that, they no longer appear by default in the Open Bee Portal tree structure and searches.

This function allows the user to simplify its navigation.

  1. Hide a folder via the advanced options.

  2. Make the folder reappear by clicking on “Display the hidden elements". To make them appear again by default, reveal the folder via the advanced options.

NEW Executing an SQL query when filing a document

This feature allows to connect Open Bee Portal to an external database (CRM, ERP, HRIS, etc.). Now, in Open Bee Portal, the administrator can run a SQL query to allow a user from the classification area interface to dynamically populate metadata contained in an external list to the Open Bee application.

Important points:

  • Synchronization synchronously takes place when the document is displayed in the classification area. The synchronized list cancels and replaces the old list.
  • It is possible for the administrator to perform an advanced query to allow dynamic metadata completion based on the selection of a main metadata. For example, when filing a document, select the name of an employee and the system will automatically fill in the additional fields (first name, date of birth, social security number, etc.) from the human resources software.

NEW  Workflow - Task processing

The administrator of a workflow can decide to perform a processing on tasks that have exceeded their due date for a period considered too long. This way, the task will be automatically processed.

NEW New types of workflow tasks

Two new workflow task types have been added "Delegation" and "External processing".

Now, the workflow allows 4 tasks:

  • Validation: the task can be validated or rejected.
  • Consultation: the task cannot be refused only validated.
  • Delegation: the task can neither be validated nor refused, it must be necessarily delegated.
  • External processing: the task cannot be processed in Open Bee Portal, it must be processed by an external application, via webservices (Open Bee Scan Capture for example).

NEW Workflow - Mandatory actions to validate a task

In order to reduce the number of errors, it is now possible to make mandatory actions for the validation of a task.

   Adding a comment

When processing the task, the administrator of a workflow can force the user to enter a comment either in case of "validation" or "refusal".

 Adding a manual link

When processing the task, the administrator of a workflow can force the user to link the current document to other documents in the EDM.

 Locking the document

When processing the task, the administrator of a workflow can decide to automatically lock the document.

No user action is requested. The action is performed in the background.

 Application of a cursive signature (handwritten)

The administrator of a workflow can configure the automatic application of the user's signature processing the task on the document. This cursive signature to be applied is retrieved from the user's profile processing the task and then merged onto the document (it corresponds to the same process as the stamps).



IMPROVEMENT Classification rule and document sharing

 Re-application of a classification rule: modification of the document name

Initially, the re-application of the rule on documents (moving and renaming) was only done if a modification was made in the classification tree. Now, this feature also applies when only the document name is changed.

Dynamically define the language of the sent e-mail

Open Bee Portal allows, via the Automatic Sharing function, to send a link to a document to a contact whose email address is entered as metadata. From now on, it will be possible for you to define by choosing a metadata the language of the message automatically communicated by the system.

 Adding follow-on documents

When creating a manual or automatic document sharing, the user can now share all documents related to the initial document.

IMPROVEMENT To-do list: CSV export of the displayed list

It’s now possible to export all the tasks assigned to a user in CSV format.

IMPROVEMENT Workflow - Mandatory metadata entry

Mandatory metadata entry action: taking into account the sub-list type.

The entry of list and sub-list metadata is now possible to validate a workflow task.

IMPROVEMENT  Workflow – Assigning a task to several users

A workflow task can be assigned to several users, no need to create user groups, so they are created dynamically. This improvement also applies to on-the-fly workflows.



  Changing the actor from a task to a group

A task can now be reassigned to a single user, multiple users or a group of users.


IMPROVEMENT Workflow – Dynamic actor

The functionality of the dynamic actor in a workflow task has been improved to take into account multi-user assignment if the metadata contains multiple values.

The management of the "users and groups" metadata type has also been improved so that the administrator can choose whether the task should be assigned directly to the informed user or whether the alias should be applied.

IMPROVEMENT Workflow – Export metadata to a file when validating a task or workflow

The export of metadata to a file has been improved to allow the user to choose whether to export the file to the server or to a GED folder.

It may be preferable to export to a GED folder if the server is not accessible.

IMPROVEMENT Workflow – Moving the document out of the workflow

The displacement was only possible if the workflow was rejected. It is now possible to use this feature also in case of document validation.


Bug fixes


CORRECTED  Sharing documents

  • Error in the choice of language of the sharing email sent
  • Error when sending the automatic sharing email when the document is signed electronically during filing
  • Documents in workflows were not visible when sharing folders
  • Webservices: Error when creating a document sharing with multiple recipients 

CORRECTED  Online edition

  • Random opening in read-only mode with Word 2016



  • Bug in assigning external users to an extranet folder 



  • Setting up an automatic link with an auto-incremented metadata from the forms

 CORRECTED Notifications

  • Missing pagination in some Dashboard tabs

CORRECTED Locking the document

In some cases, it was possible to download a locked document

 CORRECTED CSV export of documents

Incorrect decimal metadata format

CORRECTED CSV import of users

Assigning to another group than the default group
Bug at import if the user name contains an accent


CORRECTED Performances

  • Improvement of the algorithm automatically calculating the filing rule and metadata value when adding a document directly in the Portal tree structure
  • Improvement of the display of the preview of a document based on the search results
  • Timeout error when deleting a large list in the Portal administration


CORRECTED Task Validation


  • Unable to enter a new value in a list from the mandatory metadata entry pop-up
  • Error when sending notifications on the Dashboard when a task is assigned to a group
  • A user who does not have read permission on the document can now view it as part of his task processing. 
  • Error when applying a signature via the mobile application to an encrypted document 

CORRECTED  Administration 


  • Error message when deleting a task that is not linked to any other task in the workflow
  • Copying a workflow: the mandatory actions of a task were not copied


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