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New features

Permissions on the filing categories

The permissions on the use of filing categories are available since version 6.0. It is now possible to also restrict editing (among administrators)

Improvements and bug fixes 

Documents and filing

Filing category

During a filing category application:

  • By default a metadata "Date" type was formatted according to the user language when renaming a document. The format "yyyy-mm-dd" is now used again by default (behavior similar to a version 5)
  • The metadata "Yes / No" type are now translated instead of using "0" and "1" earlier.
  • It was impossible to classify a document containing accents in a metadata value.


Secure Zone subfolders

A folder added in the "Secure Zone" system folder could not be deleted.


Deleted documents in the "Quick Access" tab

Deleted documents were still visible in the "Quick Access" dashboard.


Acces to the Open Bee™ Sync  filing zone

The Web link contained in Open Bee™ Sync  to access the filing zone produced an error 500.



Missing actions in the menu

The actions "copy, modify, move and delete" were available in the menu on a file, but not on the current folder menu. They were added to the menu on the current folder.

Sorting tree folders

The browsing tree folders were sorted by creation date. They are now sorted alphabetically (by default) or in the same order as folders in the documents browsing interface.

This change was applied to all the application trees.





In case where the working hours are not activated, the tasks deadlines dates were not properly calculated: a duration of eight hours was used instead of a day (24 hours)

Workflow and notifications triggering

When adding a document to a folder, the addition notification in the folder was emitted as soon as the document entrance into the workflow:

  • For a folder to which a user has subscribed
  • For a file that is monitored by a workflow not allowing viewing of pending documents,

It is now emitted during the document exit from the workflow.


Error when adding a version of a document supervised by a workflow

The addition of a second version of a document causes an error in the following conditions:

  • Workflow triggered on a filing category metadata value
  • Workflow triggered if adding a new version
  • First version of the document still waiting in the Workflow




Editing filing categories

When editing a filing category, the check box value to enable automatic filing was lost


Set up 

Filing categories language

By default, the filing rules languages were systematically in English during a cloud setup (instead of being in the language of the administrator)



Metadatas sorting

The metadata list associated with a document returned to the Web Service GET /document/{idDocument} was not sorted alphabetically.





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