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New features


An extranet allows the availability of documents to external users:

  • by defining a root folder where each user extranet have a personal file
  • by facilitating the creation of extranet users

Extranets are managed by administrators.


File sharing

The link document sharing functionality to secure external contacts was extended to folders

For security reasons, only the documents directly contained in the folder are shared (documents in the folder's sub folders are not visible to external contacts)


Metadatas XLS export

It is now possible to export a document collection metadata. This feature is available from the research results and folders browsing provided that a filter on a filing category is applied.


Browsing in the search

When consulting a document resulting from a research, it is possible to move to the next or previous search result without returning to the results list screen.


Improvements and bug fixes 


Search results ZIP export

Such as a folder contents, it is now possible to export documents from a search result to a ZIP archive. For reasons of performance and to guarantee the functioning, the volume of exported data is limited to 10MB.


Bad permission inheritances in the Secure Zone

When creating a user, permissions are applied to its "Secure Zone". The option to inherit these permissions on all sub folders were not automatically carried forward.


Permission: no error message if no user / group selected

When adding permissions to a folder, if no group or user is selected in the form, no error message was displayed.



Changing User IDs

It is now possible to change the user identifier from the administration.


Filing category: Date type metadata format

In the previous versions, when a date type metadata was used to build the dynamic filing tree, the YYYY-MM-DD format was used.

Example : 2015-05-25.

It is now possible to format the date according to any model.

Example : YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY, etc...


Users CSV import: adding a column for the user type

It is now possible to specify the user type ('Administrator', 'External' or 'User') during a CSV import. If this new optional column is not present, the type "User" is applied such as in previous versions.


Removing passwords stored in history of mails sent to users

The passwords sent by email are no longer visible in the history of emails (Administration> Email)


Modify a user's settings without changing the password

In version 6.0, it was impossible to change a user informations (name, email ...) without changing their password.



Browsing in workflows tasks

When a task in a workflow is processed, the next task is displayed to the user.

In the previous versions, the next task was defined as the latest task. This behavior has been changed to take the next task as sorted in the latest task's list visualization.

The "next" and "previous" buttons have also been added to switch between tasks without necessarily treat them.


The user of the next task do not receive email in the case of a dynamic participant

Problem encountered in the case of a workflow in which a task is configured with a dynamic participant. No email was sent to notify the user of the new task to deal with.


Workflows administration 

Triggering a workflow on a metadata value

A workflow can now be triggered only if a specific metadata value is associated with the document.


Stamps loss when changing a participant

When changing from a workflow task participant by a supervisor, stamps configured on this task were lost.


Editing a stamp

In the workflow's task administration, the form allowing to edit a stamp was not pre-filled.


Web Services addition


The pending documents in a workflow and Open Bee™ Sync 

The documents pending for approval in a workflow were systematically communicated toOpen Bee™ Sync  even if the workflow was configured to not allow consultation of documents pending for approval.


Workflow's Web Services return

  • Addition of the "processAction" attribute Web services du workflow return.
  • The returned dates format was "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" instead of "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss"


Correction on the method "POST /document"

  • The setting "override" had no effect, it is now functional.
  • When using a metadata list type, if the metadata value is not present in the list, this one was not added to the list.
  • When using a auto incremented metadata, it was mandatory to pass a value for this metadata although it is useless.
  • When using an automatic classification rule, idParentFolder or path settings were mandatory although they are useless for ranking the document.
  • In Version 5, the metadata date passed as a parameter of a document addition was in the DD-MM-YYYY format. This format is not coherent with the rest of the Web services that are using YYYY-MM-DD.This incoherence has been fixed in version 6. However this correction breaks the backwards compatibility with existing customers. Backwards compatibility was introduced in Version 6.1, which now supports two formats: YYYY-MM-DD and DD-MM-YYYY.


Behavior change of the method "POST /document/list/{idList}" 

In the previous versions, calling this method replaced all the items listed by those provided in settings. Now it no longer removes the existing elements and only add new items.





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