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Complete/fill up a form

In the menu on the left, if you have the necessary rights and if there is at least one form created, you can complete/fill up a form.

Click on "Form" to display the list of forms that you can complete.

If you are an administrator of the Open Bee™ eForm add-on, you can complete a form by clicking on the "Actions" icon and then "Fill a form",.

Select the form you wish to complete and click one "Submit".

You can complete/fill in the form, enter the different replies/answers and click on "Validate" to save your replies/answers.


You can not validate a form if you have not completed all the required/mandatory elements.

You are redirected to preview the form reply/answer.

The generated document can be a DOCX file, a PDF file or 2 versions of the reply/answer, DOCX and PDF.

This adjustment is defined in the form's setting, Filing format

Pre-fill from a document

When completing a form, you can choose to pre-fill fields from an existing document



Please note that a dynamic link configuration must exist beforehand.

Please refer to the documentation: Dynamic links in Open Bee™ Portal


Click on the top right on "Pre-fill from a document".

If one or more documents match, choose the one from which you want to pre-fill the form.

If no document is proposed, check the configuration in "Administration", "Dynamic links".


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