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Debian Installation


Checking the Debian version 

Make sure to use a version 7 or 8 of Debian 


Java 8 installation 


Check the Java version


OpenBeeScanOCS package installation


Crons installation 

Tesseract 3.04 installation and configuration 


Tesseract installation validation 


Libre Office installation 


Check that the default version of Java has not changed

If necessary:



Restart the machine

Verify that services are functioning:


Check that Tesseract and LibreOffice are available


You can check the proper functioning by logging on https://_IP_:9443 (User: guest  /  Password: OCSpublic)

(info) The port 9443 is closed by default, you can open it the time to test and then close it if Open Bee™ Portal is installed on the same machine.

To activate the port 9443 for use from an external host


All you need to do is to configure Open Bee™ Portal in order to use https://_IP_:9443 as an Open Bee™ Scan OCS server.

Debian update 

If third-party libraries require an upgrade, uninstall and reinstall the library. 

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