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New 3.2.4

Feature for saving the information of a document

This feature allows you to save changes made to a document to continue processing it later.

Addition a search field on the third-party repository page.

It is now possible to search for a third party by entering part of their third party account number or label.

Third party identifiers can now be changed

It is now possible to modify, add or delete the indexes used to detect the third party of the document.

Improvements 3.2.4

New variables are available when exporting

The following values have been added :

  • Document type
  • Name of the document template
  • Name of the last person who validated the document

Addition of a log message when absorbing a document from Open Bee™ Portal

This message is used to visualize which document has been imported (with its name and identifier) and in which folder it is located from the log viewing window.

Manually force the reinterpretation of a document

When a user requests a reinterpretation, the document is reinterpreted systematically. Previously, if the document template was the same, the reinterpretation was not occuring.

Verification of document export to Open Bee™ Portal

The document is now sent with a fingerprint allowing to verify its integrity

Addition of keyboard shortcuts in the video coding screen

The following shortcuts have been added :



Add the document to the merge list

Ctrl + L

Open the document merge tool

Ctrl + G

Open the document cutting tool

Ctrl + D

Print the documentCtrl + P
Delete a documentCtrl + Del
Save the document fileCtrl + S
Reinterpreting a documentCtrl + R

Improved Folder drop-down list

It is now possible to search for a folder by entering part of its name.

Addition of a new position rule for indexes.

This rule allows you to search for values on a specific page. For example only on the 1st page of the document.

Correction of malfunctions 3.2.4

Error saving a document

An error occurred if the folder selection window remained open too long.

A date followed by a period/dot "." can be entered in the video coding interface

These dates do not have a valid format and could cause problems when exporting the document. These dates are now automatically reformatted at the end of the user input.

Search fields for article line indexes are not displayed

This problem appeared when no line was detected on the document.

Access rights to the folders

The list of folders accessible by a user did not contain certain folders when they were prohibited to at least one of his groups.

Slowdowns when using an Open Bee™ Portal account

This slowdown was caused by too many checks of the user with Open Bee™ Portal at each server request.

Can not create group type indexes

It was impossible to choose this type of index in the index management page.

Problem of third party recognition using keywords

The proposed third party was not always the one with the most matching keywords.

Negative amounts saved as positive ones

During validation of a document the negative amounts were converted into positive amounts.

Double-clicking in the table scrollbar of the home page opens the selected document
The detection zone of the value of an index remained visible after being manually modified


New 3.2.4

Addition a search field in the Batch Management page

This field is used to filter the entries and the batches containing the desired value

Improvements 3.2.4

Division of a prorated amount over a period of time between several years or fiscal years .

Fusion of analytical breakdowns

When several analytical breakdowns are generated automatically on the same entry line , these breakdowns are now merged into a single breakdown.

New variables are available when exporting

The name of the last document accountant has been added

Correction of malfunctions 3.2.4

The use of negative amounts in the accounting entries distorts the meaning in the entry template

In the case of the use of negative amounts in the accounting entries, the accounting entries of the following documents are reversed.

The use of calculation formulas in the accounting entries causes the application closing

The entry of the amount in the analytical breakdown window had to be done with one point/dot

The use of the comma did not allow to enter decimal amounts. the amount entered ignored this decimal separator.

Generation of accounting entries with twice the same rate

The use of multiple amounts with the same VAT rate is better handled in the accounting entries template.

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